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enaturenotes - what have you seen today?

In the past, people have kept fantastic nature diaries. Now it's your turn to join in with our modern twist on a traditional idea.

View our showcase of diary entries to give yourself some inspiration, then try making a diary of your own. You can even upload photos or drawings to make it feel really personal.

Why not send your favourite entry in to us? The best ones will appear in our showcase.

Other Projects

Did you know that the Woodland Trust is part of the largest recording scheme of Nature's Calendar in the world?

Would you be willing to tell us when you see seasonal events like the first snowdrop, butterfly or swallow of the year, budburst or leaf-fall? All records help scientists to understand how climate change is affecting some of our best-loved animals and plants.

Adults should visit www.naturescalendar.org.uk
Under 18s, teachers and group leaders should visit www.naturedetectives.org.uk

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